Smart and Carefree Shared Cottage Ownership

Chandler Point introduced smart and carefree-shared cottage ownership in 1998 and remains the leader in the field today. We are committed to providing you with the quintessential cottage experience but without the cost and maintenance associated with traditional cottage ownership. Today, over 650 owners can attest to the fact that a Chandler Point cottage is like no other.



Real Lakefront Cottages

A Chandler Point cottage is the real thing. Each cottage is located right on the lake. Cottages are spread along the shoreline, providing great views and maximum privacy. The cottages are actual cottages and not townhomes or part of a multi-unit complex. Nor are the cottages part of a resort.

Five Great Weeks at the Cottage Every Year

Shared Cottage Ownership is an innovative and very smart way to share ownership of a lakefront cottage. Each 10th share purchased gives you 5 great weeks at your cottage each year – one week in every season plus an additional week.



Lots of Shoreline and Green Space

Chandler Point cottages have an extensive amount of shoreline on some of the most beautiful lakes in Ontario. Every cottage is a lakefront cottage and with a covered-porch overlooking the lake for you and your family to enjoy. Additionally, each cottage shares lots of acreage and green space, most of which has been left in its natural state.

Family Cottages

Chandler Point cottages are true family cottages. Our cottages are spacious with 3 or 4 bedrooms and designed to bring families together to create life-long memories. Attention to detail, traditional design and superior building materials all result in cottages that are durable, yet blend effortlessly with the greatest “builder” of them all – Mother Nature.


All Play – No Work

Each cottage is professionally cleaned and maintained for you. A property manager supervises the cleaning and maintenance of the cottages as well as the upkeep of the entire property. That way, all of your time at the cottage is free time – swim, relax on the dock, explore the lake and take advantage of the plentiful amenities at each property.

100% Owned and Controlled by Cottagers

Each Chandler Point cottage community is 100% owned and controlled by its cottagers. The cottagers elect a Board of Directors each year. This ensures that the best interests of the cottagers are always looked after.

What We Are

  • Individual, classic lakefront cottages
  • Shared Cottage Ownership
  • Great value
  • 100% ownership
  • Owner elected Board
  • Low-density cottage communities with lots of shoreline and green space

What We’re Not

  • A resort, condos, townhomes or hotel rooms
  • Timeshare or a Vacation Club
  • A high density development with an
    urban feel


Annual dues cover all cleaning and maintenance for your cottage.