Toronto Star August 19, 2011

Picture perfect four-season getaway in Bancroft

As a pioneer of fractional ownership in Ontario, John Puffer knows a thing or two about the concept of shared ownership in a cottage.

National Post November 8, 2008

Getting a slice of the cottage life

When Peter Symons, 59, and his family head to their cottage, they review a calendar to make sure they are showing up at the right cottage, on the correct date, in the right season.

Globe & Mail August 8, 2008

The Joys of Cottage Life

The joys of cottage life, at a fraction of the costs… Interval ownership means a lakefront getaway has multiple owners who not only use it themselves but can also rent it out

Toronto Star August 2, 2008

Economical Options

As prices for summer vacation properties soar, cheaper alternatives are springing up: It could mark the return of the affordable family cottage.

Toronto Star August 18, 2007

Magical Four Seasons

The term “summer vacation” is inadequate anymore to describe the multitude of attitudes people have about spending their holiday time.

Toronto Star July 28, 2007

Secluded Cottages Offer Fractional Ownership

When the Chandler Point Corp. launched the concept of fractional cottage ownership in Ontario in 1998, some naysayers claimed the idea of sharing cottage ownership among 10 families would never catch on.