The Chandler Point Story

In 1998, Chandler Point Corporation introduced a new concept in cottaging in Ontario… “Shared Cottage Ownership”.

The idea came in response to an age old dilemma that kept people from pursuing the dream of buying a cottage… the upkeep & expense.

The Chandler Point Solution

The Chandler Point solution was to offer 1/10th shares in cottages that are maintained by a property manager. Every owner would get one week in the summer, one week in the other 3 seasons plus an additional week for a total of 5 weeks per year. In this way, the cost to buy and maintain a cottage is shared equally between a number of families resulting in a cost-effective and maintenance free way to enjoy the best of cottage life without the expense and responsibility that goes with it.


The concept was an instant success and our first development sold out in a matter of weeks! Purchasing a 10th share in a cottage rather than buying it outright means that you are buying at a price that reflects the amount of time that, realistically, you will spend there.
You won’t be burdened with repairs and ongoing upkeep so your time at the cottage is totally liberated to enjoy the good life with your family and friends.

A smart way to make the dream of owning a cottage a reality!