Have a questions about one of our communities, cottages, or how shared cottage ownership works? Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below.
First, a Chandler Point Corporation cottage is a real cottage. Each is a traditional, stand-alone structure, not a townhome, condo or part of a larger multi-unit building.
Second, Chandler Point cottages are all lakefront cottages with lots of shoreline, acreage and green space.

Shared cottage ownership is an alternative that revolves around the concept of purchasing shares in a cottage, while leaving the worries of constant maintenance and upkeep to professional management.

Each share purchased is tied to a number of weeks you “own” exclusive use of your cottage.

Renting a cottage is always a bit of risk. You never really know what you are going to end up with until you get there. Even if you do luck out and find a cottage that fits your needs, availability can be an issue from one year to the next. A Chandler Point cottage is impeccably maintained and there for you to enjoy every season, year after year.
Along with your fellow cottage owners you own all of the property and buildings in the entire cottage community through the Cottage Owners Association, the owner of record.
All Chandler Point Corporation cottages are maintenance-free. Your cottage is completely cleaned and linens changed between the arrival and departure of each cottage owner. Ground maintenance is conducted all year round. Major repairs are accomplished during two maintenance weeks.

Cottage usage is tied to the number of shares you purchase. A one-tenth share equates five weeks of unlimited usage, one week for each season of the year, plus one additional week.

Summer weeks are fixed and owners choose their other 4 weeks either in the spring or fall for the upcoming calendar year.

Each cottage community has as annual maintenance fee that covers everything including cleaning, taxes, utilities and a reserve fund. The owner elected Boards determine the amount of the maintenance fee each year based on actual costs. Please contact us for the up-to-date maintenance fees for each cottage community.
Yes. Please notify management of your intentions. We kindly ask that all guests adhere to the cottages code of conduct.
Your shares are completely transferable, to family, to friends and to interested parties. Subject to the procedures set out in your ownership agreement.
Your real cottage is also the doorway to other vacation dreams. Fractional ownership allows you to exchange your week(s) through RCI to enjoy over 7,000 affiliated worldwide vacation properties.
Chandler Point Corporation pioneered shared cottage ownership in Ontario in 1998 and has remained the leader in the field ever since. Since 1998, Chandler Point Corporation has built 5 sold-out cottage communities and over 650 families have come to embrace the true spirit of cottage ownership that only Chandler Point delivers.
The cottage is yours to enjoy with whomever you please. There is an occupancy limit. Please ask management for details.
Yes. There are some cottages that are designated as pet-free for those that suffer from particular allergies.
In order to respect the preferences of all our owners, all our real cottages are smoke-free.
Every cottage owner has access to a boat slip for the time you have at the cottage. You also have a varied collection of canoes, kayaks, fishing and paddleboats at your disposal.
Each cottage has its own private driveway and parking for two to three cars.
Each cottage community is on a year-round road which is plowed by the Municipality.


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